Meat slicing and dicing

Precut meat supplier

Vleeswaren De Keyser offers precut meat products in any size, shape or packaging. We specialise in meat slicing and dicing.

Custom meat slicing

Meat slicing refers to sliced pork, chicken and turkey. Choose the thickness of slices, depending on your needs:

  • shaved slices to serve as finger food, a quick bite or tapas
  • normal slices for meat fillings
  • thick slices to serve as ‘aide culinaire’ or as part of a meal

Custom meat dicing

‘Dice’ refers to diced meat in cubes,  postage stamp-sized pieces, strips or grated. Whichever (combination of) size you require, or for whatever purpose – topping, wokking, aide culinaire, etc. – we have a solution for you.

Ask us

Want to find out more about our meat slicing and dicing options? Simply contact us for more information.

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